Book launch and exhibition Getijde / Tide

On Saturday August 6th, 2022 at 16H30 the book Getijde / Tide will be launched in the Got Tjark on Schiermonnikoog.

Getijde / Tide is an art book with texts an illustrations by Stella giving an overview of the work she did the past 45 years on the Schiermonnikoogs' Nature.

The publisher: Eddy van de Noord (Uitgeverij Louise) wil give an introduction on the how and why of Getijde / Tide.

Els Janssens of the Antwerp School of Comparitive Philosophy will give a lecture on the importance of Nature in Comparitive Philosophy.

Musical intermezzos by Joost Prové.

After the formalities you can visit the exhibition.

Getijde / Tide is a publication of Uitgeverij Louise, books that matter.